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Ātmikā Yani was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. She came in contact with meditation and spiritual practice in early age when she was a small child. However, music has always been part of her life.


In her teens her mother took her to her first yoga class in 2001 when she was hustling with exams in high school. Later she studied Music & Media Management and Marketing in London and worked in the music and media industry for almost 9 years until she immersed herself more and more into yoga. Especially, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit mantras, ancient yogic scriptures has become one of her main focus and passion of the practice.


In 2013 Yani did the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training (300-hours) in New York and then her apprenticeship program (500-hours) in Berlin. She has been teaching asana classes, workshops and playing live kirtan music at yoga studios, festivals and in asana classes internationally since 2013 in Bern, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Ostrava and Berlin where she is based. However, all the other cities she also calls her 'home' because basically she feels home wherever she cant put down her yoga mat and her medidation cushion and where she meets people with whom she can connect on the heart level.



- Teaching since 2013 and practicing since 2001

- 800 hours Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

- Musician since 1985 and professionally performing since 1998

- Ongoing studies: Sanskrit & yoga philosophy

- Graduated at London Metropolitan University 2008 in

  Music & Media Management and Marketing


“Ātmikā Yani has been blessed with a powerful, golden voice. She channels her gift into divine kirtan that connects you to your highest self”

- Tamar from NYC

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