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12th December 2021: Sound2Soul Christmas Experience 2021 / Live at DOCK11, Berlin-Prenzlauerberg at 13-16h (led in German)


It is a 3 hour live music yoga class á la Sound2Soul. Dive deeper into the fusion of sound & vibration and physical conscious body movements. It has a completely different effect on the body in combination with live Kirtan music and is a very special and more intense experience for the mind and soul.

New dates coming soon! Mantra & Meditation Online Basic Course / via ZOOM (in English)


In this course you will learn to get in touch with your own natural voice through chanting Sanskrit mantras, because the instrument here is our own voice. You will learn the basic knowledge and pronunciation of the Sanskrit alphabets, so that you can get deeper into the sound and vibrations of the mantras. Meditation and mantra chanting is a practice that everyone builds up step by step by oneself. This means that we will go through the different elements step by step, and everyone learns how to integrate these elements into everyday life. More details here.



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