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Sound2Soul Late Summer Experience -
Live Music Yoga 2021 via Zoom
on September 12th


This Sound2Soul "Late Summer Experience" is a 2-hour live music yoga class via Zoom, where Ulrike will guide you through a gentle yoga sequence. Yani will accompany the entire session with mantra music and guide you in chanting the respective mantras.

The focus of this Sound2Soul Experience is the mantra OM. This mantra is probably the most known and perhaps the very first mantra that most of us have come into contact with. It is the "original" mantra or the primal sound from which all other mantras originate and are derived. The word "Amen", which is spoken a lot in Christianity, also has its origin in the mantra OM. It is the most powerful mantra and is described in many different yogic scriptures as energetically healing. In the Upanishads it says "Whoever says this mantra 34 million times, the mantra of the holy word, will be freed from his karma [...]".

The Sound2Soul "Late Summer Experience" will take place via Zoom on Sunday, September 12th at 12:30pm - 2:30pm CET.

It will be a mixture of a gentle Āsana practice, meditation and kirtan.

Date:                                       September 12th

Virtual Entry:                          12:10 h CET

Starting:                                  12:30 h CET

Ends:                                       14:30 h CET

Location:                                 Zoom

Energie exchange:                 26 €


Email us:                       


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